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WASHINGTON, DC–– U.S. Congressman Billy Long made the following comments following President Obama’s address to Congress and the nation:

“President Obama is a gifted speaker and tonight he said a lot of things that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on,” said Long.  “Unfortunately, what he says and what he does are two different things.”

“At a time when zero new jobs were added last month - only the second time since 1945, the unemployment rate remains at 9.1% - the longest streak above 8% since the Great Depression, and the Congressional Budget Office projects a budget deficit of $1.3 trillion in FY 2011 – the third year with $1 trillion deficits, now is not the time to continue the failed policies of the Obama Administration.”


“The best thing Washington can do to create jobs is something they always hate doing: using common sense.  Businesses right now want to hire, but they are scared about the future.  We need to help these businesses that are afraid of getting their taxes raised or a new regulation imposed every time a new speech comes out of the White House.  We need to help these job creators by getting the government out of their way.”

Federal Spending:

“If government spending solved every problem the Obama administration should have spent us into utopia by now.  It is time to stop pushing catastrophic debt on our children and grandchildren.  Families and businesses in Southwest Missouri can’t spend 42% more than they take in and neither can the federal government.”

Government Overreach:

“Taxation, Regulation, Litigation, - employers are Fed-Up.  The simple truth is that Washington needs to quit hamstringing job creators so we can get folks back to work and our economy back on track.”