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I believe in legal, regulated, and appropriate levels of immigration. However, we need to solve the illegal immigration problem that threatens to overwhelm border states and severely disrupts our society. Open borders allow people with criminal backgrounds, drug traffickers, and terrorists to enter the country. I support doing whatever it takes to secure the border. We should complete the border fence and deploy National Guard forces if necessary until we have firm control over who enters this nation.

I also support vigorous enforcement of our immigration laws by police whenever they encounter an illegal alien, especially if it occurs during the investigation of other criminal conduct. I have cosponsored the National Guard Border Enforcement Act, which directs the Secretary of Defense to deploy the National Guard for border control activities along the U.S.-Mexican border. If we cannot control the border, then we are not safe as a nation.  

While the total number of illegal immigrants is unknown, the number ranges in the millions. These illegal immigrants place strains on our social support networks, our infrastructure, and routinely evade the basic laws that govern society. As Americans we pride ourselves on our ability to incorporate immigrants into our unique American culture. Unfortunately illegal immigration resists this unifying influence, which results in the creation of a near parallel society. We must enforce our laws and encourage people to become Americans the legal way.

Click here to see how I am standing for immigration issues for Missouri's Seventh Congressional District.