Agriculture is a vital part of the Seventh District’s economy. It is important that Congress supports the growth and development of the agriculture industry by fighting for policies that will encourage economic growth in Missouri and nationwide. We must ensure that farmers get relief from the regulatory burdens that kill job creation and make life even harder for our nation’s agricultural producers. I am proud of bills that I sponsored being passed into law to enable farmers to work their land without having to do unnecessary paperwork and comply with ridiculous government regulations.

Since the founding of our nation, the agricultural industry has been at the forefront of our economy. America has been the world’s leading agricultural producer for many years and with our vast natural resources we need to keep it that way. Agricultural products are a source of significant exports, which benefits our overall economy while providing Americans with a stable, safe and nutritious food supply.

I look forward to my agricultural tour of southwest Missouri every year, where I get to meet with farmers in the district and hear about the issues facing their industry. I will continue to fight to expand international markets for Missouri’s agricultural products and to rein in the federal government’s overreach of farming activities.