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ICYMI: Long supports House measures to combat terrorism, foreign fighters

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:In the wake of escalating threats in the Global War on Terror, Congressman Billy Long (R-Springfield) recently supported multiple legislative initiatives to strengthen America’s counterterrorism capacity and keep Americans safe, including:

HR 5606, the “Anti-terrorism Information Sharing Is Strength Act”

  • Enhances safe harbor provisions for information sharing among financial institutions and government agencies and broadens the range of suspected illegal activities.
  • In addition, the bill requires the Secretary of the Treasury to submit a study to Congress that determines the appropriate level of information sharing with foreign subsidiaries within 120-days after enactment.

HR 5607, the “Enhancing Treasury’s Anti-Terror Tools Act

  • Enhances a number of the tools that the Treasury Department uses in its efforts to combat the financing of terror, money laundering and related illicit finance.
  • Requires the Treasury Department to investigate ways to incorporate U.S. Embassies into counter-terrorism financing efforts, assess ways to improve anti-terror finance monitoring of cross-border fund transfers, and implement a program to enhance intergovernmental efforts to combat terrorist financing.

HR 5056, the “Airport Perimeter and Access Control Security Act”

  • Requires the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to update certain risk assessments related to security at airports, specifically along airport perimeters and points of access to secure areas.
  • The bill would require the agency to report to Congress those risk assessments and update the agency’s strategic plan related to security measures at airports.

HR 4404, the “Terrorist and Foreign Fighter Travel Exercise Act”

  • Requires the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop and conduct an exercise to evaluate the nation’s preparedness against the threat of foreign fighters and terrorists.
  • The exercise shall include:
  1. A scenario involving persons traveling from the United States to join or provide material support resources to a terrorist organization abroad and terrorist infiltration into the United States

  2. Coordination with appropriate federal agencies, foreign governments, and state, local, and private sector stakeholders. DHS shall submit an after-action report to Congress, including any identified or potential vulnerabilities in U.S. defenses and requested legislative changes.

HR 5594, the “National Strategy for Combating Terrorist, Underground, and Other Illicit Financing Act”

  • Requires the President, acting through the Treasury Secretary, to develop and publish an annual government strategy to combat money laundering and terrorist financing.