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Long Votes to Provide Certainty to Agricultural Markets

U.S. Rep. Billy Long today voted in support of the Agricultural Act of 2014.

U.S. Rep. Billy Long today voted in support of the Agricultural Act of 2014.    

“Today the House provided certainty to agricultural markets while making much needed reforms to existing policies.  Farmers, ranchers and livestock producers feed our nation and deserve the stability of a long term farm bill in order to plan their business operations.  We are not finished reforming and consolidating farm programs and closing loopholes, however, this legislation is a step in the right direction to smaller, more effective government,” Long said.       

The Agricultural Act of 2014 saves taxpayers approximately $16.6 billion, which includes $8 billion in reforms to the food stamp program.  The legislation:  

  • Creates a pilot program that will encourage able-bodied adults to find work;
  • Closes a loophole used by states to artificially increase food stamp benefits by providing small Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program payments to households;
  • Repeals Direct Payments to farmers while offering producers risk management tools that offer protection when they suffer significant losses;
  • Replaces the current dairy policy with a true, national program offering producers effective tools to deal with production costs;
  • Consolidates 23 duplicative conservation programs in to 13; and
  • Reauthorizes livestock disaster assistance, offering vital tools to manage livestock production risk.