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Long reintroduces bill to protect homeowners on Table Rock Lake

SPRINGFIELD, April 12, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Congressman Billy Long (MO-07) reintroduced legislation to protect homeowners on Table Rock Lake from being forced by the Army Corps of Engineers to remove existing structures on their property that conflict with the lake's new boundary lines.

Numerous homeowners around Table Rock Lake have structures on their property, such as retaining walls, steps and decks that have been present for decades. These structures are typically part of the home or serve an essential purpose. Furthermore, these structures have existed for many decades without any interference from the Corps. As the Corps utilizes more up-to-date methods to establish the shoreline around Table Rock Lake, they are forcing homeowners to remove these essential structures—which were approved by the Corps at one time, were never an issue before, and often only slightly extend onto federal land—by withholding certain permits that the homeowners need. This approach by the Corps causes great expense to homeowners and creates conflict with property owners.

H.R. 2132 seeks to fix this problem by grandfathering certain structures that were in place before the finalization of the last Table Rock Lake Shoreline Master Plan in 1976. It would convey to the property owner the minimum amount of land required to maintain the eligible structures, and the Corps would not be permitted to take these structures into account when processing other permits for that property owner.

“This bill is a common sense solution to a problem that has long caused headaches to homeowners around Table Rock Lake,” said Rep. Long. “This bill provides a long overdue fix to this issue and allows these individuals to keep their decades-old structures in place. Many of these people built these structures under the assumption they were on private land only to be told years later that wasn’t the case.”