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Rep. Long Reacts to Biden's Botched Exit from Afghanistan

As the horrible and troubling events in Afghanistan continue to unfold following President Biden's decision to withdraw all military personnel, Congressman Long issued the following statement:

"Former President Barack Obama famously once said ‘elections have consequences,’ and man oh man has the November 2020 election ever proven him right," Congressman Long said. "Obama's former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote in his memoir that Joe Biden has ‘been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.’ Truer words were never spoken. When he finally found time to comment on the devastating turn of events in Afghanistan, Biden blamed everyone but himself for his botched withdrawal of American troops.  It wasn't the fact he withdrew our troops, but it was the totally incompetent way in which he did it. When he paraphrased Missouri's own President Harry Truman by saying 'the buck stops here,' I can only assume he was speaking of a male deer that stopped to graze outside of his basement window at Camp David. The destruction the Biden - Harris Administration has caused at home and abroad in seven short months would have been unthinkable and unbelievable, except perhaps in a bad B-Movie. Biden’s actions are a travesty not only for the women and girls now subjected to Sharia Law under the Taliban, but to the thousands of American men and women who lost their lives and limbs fighting against extremism to keep us safe.  By all accounts, Al-Qaeda will once again have the perfect breeding ground and staging area to terrorize the world. It is clear Biden lacks any coherent strategy in dealing with the Middle East, even after we made so much progress towards peace in the region under President Trump’s leadership. I certainly hope he doesn't try and tell the families of the thousands of Afghans that lost their lives fighting for their country over the last twenty years that their country fell because they wouldn't fight for their country as he read those words off a teleprompter. Elections most certainly do have consequences."