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Rep. Long Submits Discharge Petition to Force a Vote to End Military Vaccine Mandate

Congressman Billy Long (R-MO) issued the following statement regarding his discharge petition to stop the military vaccine mandate:

“Forcing the fighting men and women of our Armed Forces to get the COVID vaccine is utter insanity,” Congressman Long said. "Right now up to 30% of our service members are not vaccinated but the pentagon claims they are doing it for military readiness? Hopes, dreams, futures, and careers are ending every day - shattering souls. Can you imagine planning your whole life around a career in the military that you've invested 10, 15, 20 years in and being told to take the jab or go home? When talking to people throughout Missouri, I have heard countless stories from active-duty personnel and their families about the impact this mandate has had on them. One new mother was sure breastfeeding would be an exemption. This woman is fifth-generation military, and that service is about to come to an end because of this mandate. The Pentagon’s mandate doesn’t even consider natural immunity from prior infection, and getting a religious exemption is unlikely to occur. Are we prepared to lose up to 30 percent of our fighting force? That is why I am starting a petition to force a vote on legislation that would remove this burdensome mandate on our military men and women. I have been vaccinated three times which was my choice after consulting with my doctor but it was my choice whether to take it or not, not the federal government’s. Our brave service members deserve to be able to make that same choice for themselves.”

Congressman Long is working to force a vote on H.R. 3860, which would prohibit any requirement that a member of the armed forces receive a vaccination against COVID-19. Should the discharge petition receive 218 signatures, the bill will be discharged from the committee and brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote. As of this release, the petition has 68 signatures.

You can view the petition here.