U.S. Representative Billy Long
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U.S. Representative Billy Long
September 24, 2021 

Biden’s Biggest Blunders


Barely eight months into the Biden-Harris administration, our country is facing crisis after crisis as a result of their domestic and foreign policy blunders. Let's look at some of President Biden’s biggest blunders and how they’re harming Americans and making America look weak on the world stage.

First, our southern border. I have written about this issue several times because this administration seems to be willfully ignoring it. We have now had two consecutive months of over 200,000 illegal immigrants being apprehended at the southern border, and now we face a massive crisis in Del Rio, Texas, where over 12,000 Haitian immigrants simply walked across the border and set up camp. This gross negligence at the border is not just a national security crisis but worsens the health crisis as well. Reports indicate that the Biden Administration has released COVID-positive illegal immigrants into American communities and estimates show that anywhere from 20%-40% of illegal immigrants are COVID-positive. The safety and health of the American people should be the President’s top priority, instead, he would rather score political points with his base by doing nothing.

Another domestic crisis we are facing is rising inflation. We have been told for months now by President Biden and his staff that this is temporary, it is going to go away. Well, unfortunately for the American people, crossing our fingers and hoping that inflation will decrease just isn’t going to happen. Good policy can reduce inflation while bad policy will increase it. Massive increases in spending by the Biden Administration have resulted in higher prices across the board. Now, President Biden wants to spend $3.5 trillion on a liberal wish list. This unprecedented spending won’t only increase inflation but raise your taxes - a double whammy to your bottom line.

On the foreign policy front, President Biden has been successful at weakening America on the world stage. He regularly placates China by refusing to stand up for the people of Hong Kong in their desperate fight for freedom. The Secretary of State even went as far as to delete a tweet saying that the U.S. stands with the people of Hong Kong. He also refuses to hold China accountable for the COVID-19 health crisis and its human rights violations. Instead of being stern with Russia, he hands President Putin a list of infrastructure that is “off-limits” to cyber-attacks, giving them blanket permission to attack anything that wasn’t listed. More recently, he kept our oldest ally, France, out of the loop on a submarine deal with Australia, resulting in France recalling its ambassador for the first time since formal relations started in 1778.

On top of all of this, he completely botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan, abandoning hundreds of American citizens and condemning thousands of Afghan allies to death. The hurried and chaotic withdrawal ultimately resulted in a horrible terrorist attack that killed 13 U.S. military personnel and a desperate drone strike that killed an innocent Afghan family. With the Taliban now in control of Afghanistan, there is no doubt that terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS-K will grow in strength.

President Biden’s blunders are hurting our pocketbooks, harming our national security, worsening the public health crisis, and weakening America on the world stage. President Biden has been wrong at every turn, and the crises are starting to compound. Rather than steering the ship back to shore for repairs, he is holding fast and crashing it head-on into an iceberg.

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